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Our Faculty

There are about 35 classes III & class IV employees who render cheerful, devoted services to help and comfort the students. The drivers, conductors give parental touch and genuine concern while picking and dropping the students by the school Transport Nannies care as real nannies to the students, team of sweeper’s gardener, washer men, cooks & helpers make the day for the students.

Here are 54 teaching faculty members who believe in open ended education, they are ready to learn & work as facilitators while acting friends and guides to the students.


Faculty of GISSS is trained, well educated & experienced. Workshops are designed from time to time for the teachers on the 'Reflective teaching and learning' in the context course. Such workshops open new avenues of thinking for them & they use these latest techniques & skills for better teaching of the students. School gives importance to interactive teaching & learning. Teachers are motivated to further motivate the young learners.

Our faculty is trained as per training modules. They are highly experienced, well read & widely travelled. thus having fine exposure to the values needed for ever growing society. Most are having knowledge of varied skills be it factual learning or virtual.

Faculty is continuously developed by way of training programme i.e. through workshops & conferences. Faculty undergoes regular training from CBSE too. Staff is trained on adopting safety measures besides training of soft skills. We can boast of sensitive and dedicated faculty who is committed to the students for the reason of making school as 'child centered school'.

1. Ms.Gurpreet Mathur Director – Principal (PATRON) —– M.A. (English), M.A. (Pol. Sc.)M.A. (Guidance & Counseling)

M.S.C (Environment & Ecology)

M.E.D Eng. (Hons.) CIEFL

PGT- 14 Years & Principal- 26 Years 21-12-06
2. Mr.Parvez Accountant —– B.Com,M.B.A. (Finance & Marketing) 5 Years 14-01-13
3. Ms.Parul Sharma Assistant Accountant —– M.B.A. (Finance & HR) 3 Years & 6Months 01-01-17
4. Ms.Shalini Walia Front Officer & Office Executive —– M.A., B.Ed.,Software Engineering Diploma 9 Years 11-10-14
5. Ms.Seema Sharma Chief – CoordinatorPGT (English) X, XII M.A. (English), B.Ed., DISM, H.PTET Total 12 Years(6Years PGT) 16-02-09
6. Ms.Yachana Sharma TGT (English) VI, VIII, X, XI, XII M.A. (English), B.Ed. 3 Years 6 months (TGT) 02-09-15
7. Ms.Deepti Goverdhan TGT (English) VII to IX B.A., B.Ed.,Pursuing M.A. (English) 6 Years (TGT) 07-07-11
8. Ms.Anu Jagga TGT (English) VI, VIII, XI B.Com, B.Ed.,Diploma in Lib. Science 7 Years 6 months(PRT for 3-5Years, TGT from3Years) 21-04-10
9. Ms.Sonia Verma TGT (English) IV, V M.A.(Sociology),B.Ed, Pursuing M.A. (English) 18 Years (PRT English) 01-07-10
10. Ms.Shipra Tanwar PRT (English) I, II, III B.Ed., M.B.E, CTET, Pursuing M.A.English 6 Years (PRT English, 4Years with us) 18-12-13
11. Ms.Pooja Sharma PRT English I, II, III, IV M.A. (English), B.Ed. 6 Years(PRT English & 1Year with us) 14-03-16
12. Ms.Vandana Sharma PGT (Maths) IX to XII M.Sc., B.Ed. 26 Years(11 YearsTGT & 15Years PGT, 5Years with us PGT) 01-02-12
13. Ms.Swati Thakur TGT (Maths) VIII, IX, X, XI M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phill (Maths) 4 Years (TGT) 19-05-14
14. Ms.Shila Kashyap TGT (Maths) VI, VII, IX M.Sc., B.Ed. 11 Years(1Year-Fun & Learn, 3Years-DAV (TGT) & 7Years with us(2010)as TGT 20-10-10
15. Ms.Pooja Kishore PRT (Maths) Nursery B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed. 9 Years(3Years PRT Maths) 09-02-14
16. Ms.Sonia Kumar PRT (Maths) I, II, III B.A., B.Ed., M.A. 10 Years(3Years PRT) 18-05-15
17. Ms.Pooja Sharma TGT(Maths) V, VI, VIII M.Sc.,B.Ed. 10Years(2Years TGT Maths) 15-07-11
18. Ms.Seema Verma PRT I, II B.Sc., NTT 4 Years (PRT) 02-05-14
19. Ms.Sunita Kaushal PRT (Science) II, III, IV B.Sc, B.Ed., M.Sc. (Chemistry)HP TET, CTET 3 Years (PRT Science) 04-03-16
20. Ms.Meenakshi Sood PGT (Biology),H.O.D. (Science),

Cultural Coordinator

X, XI, XII M. Phil (Zoology)B.Ed., H.P. TET 12 Years (6Years others/6Years PGT) 03-01-07
21. Ms.Pooja Sharma TGT (Science) VI, VII, VIII, IX M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)B.Ed., HPTET 5 Years (TGT Science) 26-07-12
22. Mr.Vaneet Ranot PGT (Chemistry) VIII, IX, X, XI, XII M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
8 years(4Years TGT Science/2Years PGT Tagore Vanasthali, 2Years PGT with us) 01-02-15
23. Ms.Sharda Devi Thakur PGT (Physics) IX to XII B.Ed. + M.Sc. (Physics) 4 Years (TGT)9 Years (PGT) (2Years with us/7Years others(Pb) ) 02-02-15
24. Ms.Kavita TGT (Science) IV, V, IX B.Sc. (Med), B.Ed.M.Sc. (Microbiology) H.P.T.E.T 3 Years (TGT Science) 24-02-14
25. Ms.Shruti Anand PRT I, II, III B.A., NTT 9 Years(2 Breaks/4Years) 18-05-09
26. Ms.Sunita Thakur PGT IX, X, XI, XII M.A. (Hindi) B.Ed. 22 Years(PGT-2Years with us/TGT-Hindi) 10-03-10
27. Ms.Neeta Sharma TGT VIII, IX, X M.A. (Hindi) B.Ed.& NTTPursuing M.A. Education 9 Years(PRT-Hindi- 4Years, TGT-Hindi-5Years) 28-07-08
28. Ms.Aruna Rana TGT (Hindi) I, IV, V, VII, VIII M.A. (Hindi) B.Ed., M.Sc I.TM.A. (Public Administration) 2 Years(6Months-Reception & 1.5Years as PRT Hindi) 17-02-15
29. Ms.Manjana Sahni PRT (Hindi) II, III, IV, V, VII M.A., Acharya in Sanskrit,B.Ed., M.Ed. Pursuing 6 Years (PRT Hindi) 15-02-13
30. Ms.Sonika PRT(Hindi) I, II, III M.A., B.Ed. & NTT 5 Years(PRT Hindi),took break & re-joined 03-03-16
31. Ms.Shalu Goyal PRT(Hindi) VI, VII M.A., B.Ed., UPTET 9 Years(2Years others/7Years PRT Hindi) 23-05-11
32. Ms.Sangeeta Sharma PGT (Eco), H.O.D (S.SC.) VIII, IX, X, XI, XII M.A. (Economics), M.Ed., CTET, HPTET 11 Years(5Years TGT S.St. & 6Years PGT) 16-04-10
33. Mr.Rahul Jaswal TGT Social Science VIII, IX, X, XI M.Sc. (Geography.), B.Ed.,HPTET,CTET 5 Years(TGT Social Science, now taking +1 geography) 01-08-12
34. Ms.Bharti Garg PGT History VI, IX, X, XI, XII M.A. (History), B.Ed. 12 Years(10Years TGT S.St./2Years-PGT History) 18-02-15
35. Ms.Pratibha Harnot PRT(Social Science) I, II, III, IV, V M.A. (Pol. Science), B.Ed.,M.Ed. T.E.T 7 Years(PRT S.St.) 13-02-13
36. Ms.Omti PGT VII to XII Master in Computer Application 8 Years (6Years PGT-IT, 2Years TGT) 01-02-12
37. Ms.Saswati Saha PRT I to VIII M.Sc. (IT), DOEACC 4 Years (PRT Computer) 02-02-15
38. Ms.Reena Sharma PGT Commerce VI, XI, XII M.Com, B.Ed. 4 Years(PGT Commerce) 01-03-13
39. Ms.Tanishka Verma Commerce Faculty VII, VIII, IX, XI M.Com, B.Ed. Pursuing 3 Years (TGT S.St. & English) 12-11-13
40. Ms.Archana Thakur P.E.T, PGT Phy.Edu. VI to XII M.Phill in Physical Education,M.P.Ed. 8 Years 6 months(P.T.I /PGT since ½ year) 29-01-15
41. Mr.Sudarshan Shastri VIII B.A., B.Ed. 6Months(2Months with us as hostel faculty & Sanskrit teacher) 19-01-17
42. Ms.Karuna TGT Fine Arts I to X Graduation, Fashion Designing 13 Years(TGT Art & Drawing) 15-02-07
43. Ms.Reeta TGT (Music Vocal) I to XI Ph.D., Net Qualified 5 Years(2Years as music teacher) 02-11-15
44. Ms.Meenakshi Thakur Librarian I to X Graduation, B.Ed.,B.Lib (2 years diploma in Medical Lab Technology) 6 Years(Librarian since 4Years) 13-02-13
45. Ms.Rajinder Kaur Pre-Primary Teacher KG B.A., N.T.T. 7 Years-(4Years Baru Sahib/3Years with us after 1 break NTT) 31-03-14
46. Ms.Sukhvinder Kaur Pre-Primary Teacher KG M.A. (Sociology), N.T.T. 13 Years(-NTT after 1 break) 16-02-16
47. Ms.Manjeet Kaur NTT Nursery Nursery Graduation, N.T.T. 9 Years(2Years with us NTT) 20-02-16
48. Mr.Dinesh Kanwar Sports Teacher —– B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed. 5 Years(D.P.E since 3years) 28-02-14
49. Ms.Savita Bhatti Mess Incharge —– NTT 18 Years(Hostel faculty) 03-06-13
50. Ms.Kiran —– —– B.A. (Pursuing M.A. English) 1 Year(Hostel faculty) 03-02-17