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Meetings, Care & Uniform

PTA Meetings

To know the ward’s academics progress and participation in co-curricular activities, parents are requested to attend parent-teacher meetings regularly. (for specific dates refer to school calendar/Almanac). It is mandatory for parents to attend all meetings.

Medical CareTo cope up with any emergency, the school has as elf sufficient M.I. (Medical Inspection) room, where the services of a care taker, nurse and a visiting doctor are available. Regular verification of heights,weight and medical checkup is carried out. In case of emergency, patient students are rushed to the Civil Hospital at hospital road and parents informed immediately. School gives first aid as and when required.

School Uniform

School uniform is an identity and a proud worn by all the students. Students wear Trousers, shirt,black oxford shoes,tie, belt from Monday to Friday. They wear track suit on Saturday for various activities. School uniform is available from the school counter. No hair styling/ coloring or applying of heena is allowed. Boys have to support crew cut hair and girls have to make two plaits, wearing yellow thin satin ribbon. Girls of XI and XII will make one plait. Uniform has to be worn on all days. It should be neat and clean and of proper fit. Low waist trouser, narrow fit are strictly not allowed. In- discipline in this area would be dealt severely and is punishable as fine or other punishments.

School Picnics Excursions & field visits

School believes in imparting enough exposure and actual experience to its children for making children responsible. To manage themselves, we break free off the four walls of the class room and enhance their vision of the world around them through excursions & picnics. Once in a year long trip of 7-10 days is planned for senior classes and this is compulsory for +2 class every year. Outings include:-

  • compulsory educational trips/visits___(class-wise) & for +2 —paid
  • optional long trip from vii to +1) ___paid
  • compulsory one day trip within the city for fun and environmental know how —(free of cost)
  • overnight campus—paid
  • Leadership, adventure; Trekking and picnic etc.—–paid

Documents required while going on trip:-

  • Medical certificate/fitness certificate.
  • No objection certificate from the parents.
  • 50% advance payment.