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To cope up with emergency, school relies on care taker and nurse, gives first aid and makes the children rest in M.I/ recovery room. Patient students are taken to Zonal Hospital and parents are informed. Doctors visit for general medical check up-specially oral & eye & ENT check up. Proper record of blood group, height & weight is maintained for each & every child.

Medical Information

Parents are advised to inform the school in writing, immediately, in case their child is allergic to any of the medicines used for first aid in school or any other medicine. They are requested not hide any health facts form the school.

Following medicine are used:

Medicine provided                                Illness

Spasmindon and Pudin Hara               Stomach-ache

Crocin, Dispirin & Combiflame             Fever,Cold,Body-ache

Stemitil/Avomine                                  Vomiting/Giddiness

Avil/Cetirizine                                        Allergy