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Hostel Rules & Meetings


Feb: Parents drop their wards at hostel.
April: On 2nd Saturday morning, parents can take their wards & Sunday evening they have to leave their wards back.
June: On 2nd Saturday morning, parents can take their wards & Sunday evening they have to leave their wards back.
August: On 2nd Saturday morning, parents can take their wards & Sunday evening they have to leave their wards back.
October: On 2nd Saturday morning, parents can take their wards & Sunday evening they have to leave their wards back.
December: On 2nd Saturday morning, parents can take their wards & Sunday evening they have to leave their wards back.
NOTE: Parents will not be allowed to meet their wards on other than above mentioned months.
If the child reports late he/she will have to pay fine @ 500 per day. To avoid fine & punishment, students should stick to the hostel & school rules as mentioned.
Parents can call their wards on Saturday & Sunday from 5 pm to 7:30 pm.
Only one parent will talk for 5 minutes at the most.

Compulsory-Meeting Schedule with Boarders Parents

S.No Date Day Event
1. 7th April, 2018 First Saturday PTM & PPM
2. 21th May,2018/2nd July,2018 Thursday/ Monday PPM/BT/PTM
3. 20/21 0ctober, 2018 3rd Saturday/Sunday Annual function
4. 2/3November, 2018 1st Saturday PTM before Annual Exams(upto 9th)
5. 23th December, 2018 Sunday For 10th to 12th

Winter Break for — 10th to 12th Boarders — 23rd Dec 2018 to 23rd Jan 2019
Reporting back for Pre-Boards & — 10+1 class — 24th Jan
Final Exams & Pre-Boards — 25th Jan 2019 —- to 6th Feb 2019
Commencement of New session from — 02nd to +2 — 14th Feb 2019
Extra classes for 10th & 12th — 08th Feb onwards — upto 20th Feb

Hostel rules for the Students

  • Students must remember that the hostel is the home of the students in the campus. They must behave in the campus as well as outside in such a manner to bring credit to them and to their institution.
  • A student once admitted in the hostel continues to be a hosteler inmate throughout the year. He has to pay the hostel fee for the full academic session.
  • Hostelers will follow the daily routine of the hostel and school unless exempted on medical ground or recommendations of hostel warden.
  • Hostelers are not allowed to stay in the rooms during school hours/ games/ activity/ study periods and not to take a day scholar friend to the hostel premises.
  • Results of school test and examinations will be sent to the parents through the hostel warden after every exam along with warden’s report on the students, conduct and department.
  • PT exercises/ Morning games are compulsory for all the hostelers unless they are exempted by the school clinic doctor.
  • Students will be personally/ collectively responsible for their actions. The following will constitute an act of indiscipline.
  • Disregard of rules and regulations, instructions, notices of the hostel in school.
  • Persistent negligence of studies.
  • Failure to adhere to dress code.
  • Damaging school/ hostel property, scribbling graffiti on the walls, usage of foul language, unruly behaviour or any other form of vandalism like tampering with safety norms, equipments, books and reading material etc.
  • Use of cars, bikes, scooters, etc.
  • Using unfair means in examination or stealing.
  • Keeping objectionable material like knives etc.
  • Students will not be allowed to keep mobile phones. A fine of 5000 will be imposed on defaulters and the mobile phones will be confiscated.
  • Students must label all their belongings/ items to be used by them in the hostel.
  • Students must not keep valuables/ cash in their rooms. Hostelers will not be allowed to keep any cash or any valuables in their possession.
  • Electrical gadgets like heater, kettle, iron or any other such appliance will not be allowed in hostel.
  • Any hosteler falling sick will report in the Sick Bay.
  • Emergency cases will be reported immediately escorted by the hostel warden. If a student returns after any illness, he/ she should bring a fitness certificate, get it signed by the doctor and show it to the warden before rejoining the hostel.
  • Hostelers will not be allowed to keep and take medicines/ tonics without the knowledge of Hostel Warden/ Medical Officer.
  • It is student’s responsibility to keep his/ her cupboard/ room/ surroundings tidy and clean. Surprise checks will be made by the hostel warden and any type of disfiguring on the walls, doors & windows will be strictly dealt with.
  • Parents must strictly adhere to the holiday schedule prescribed by the school for taking their children home and bringing them back to the hostel a day before the school re-opens. They should not press the school authorities for grant of leave from hostel except in emergency cases. Students joining late will have to pay a fine of 500 per day.
  • Parents and local guardians may visit their wards only on mentioned Saturday. They can take their wards on night out once a month (optional).
  • Visitors are not allowed to visit the hostel/ dorms. They will meet their wards in the visitor’s room.
  • Entry after weekend outings will be before 7:00 pm on Sunday. No student will be allowed to enter the hostel after 7:00 pm under any circumstance even while returning from term breaks. If the train and plane timings are after 7:00 pm they will go to their local guardians who will then drop them at school the next day before the school begins.
  • All electrical/ carpentry / plumbery complaints should be written in the complaint register available in the common room/ reception.
  • The support staff in the school/ hostel helps and makes our stay comfortable. All students must co-operate with them in the act of discharging their duties.
  • All boarders are to be compulsorily provided with school & hostel uniforms and all other items as per the list. In case of any deficiency or when otherwise considered essential for the student, the same shall be arranged and the cost will have to be borne by the parents/ guardians.
  • Boarders shall take their meals in the common dining hall and should be properly dressed at the meal times. Mess utensils are not allowed to be taken out of the dining hall. Only vegetarian meal will be served.
  • In case of any loss or damage of the hostel belongings, the cost will be realized through group/ individual high fine @ 10000 and more will be charged
  • Students must switch off the electrical fixtures whenever it is not required.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave the campus without permission. If found doing so, the students will be rusticated from the hostel & school both.
  • Leave will be allowed only on prescribed leave form + parents recommendation well before time. Immediate leaves will not be allowed.

Facilities provided at Savita Garg Hostel

  • Students have modern comfortable hostel accommodation. They are provided with a bed, mattress, cupboard, table & chair.
  • All items needed by the boarders are provided at campus book shop RPS. Parents have not to venture anywhere in the market places.
  • Evening boarding (Academics) classes are taken by subject experts to facilitate them for better learning and understanding without cramming.
  • Students are allotted 2 hours, one in the morning & one in the evening for playing various games. They have to select one game & play it regularly. School has vast playground for different games.
  • To give fine exposure to the students, they are given chance to opt. for one vocational club. It is compulsory to join one club out of the list & practice.
  • Many inter house competitions are organized for the boarding students & they are honoured for their achievements.
  • Student’s council is elected for the boarding to inculcate the sense of responsibility & achievements of the students.
  • Many long, short, one night out tours, picnics & camps are organized for exposure & educational programmes, adventure & pleasure.
  • Four meals are provided in a day with ‘on choice’ food on holidays. Specific Menu as per diet plan by the dietician is followed.
  • Students are taken to short outings once in a fortnight.
  • Conducive & harmonious environment is created by celebrating birthdays, welcome party & farewell function. All festivals are celebrated.
  • Students are taken to hospital in case of emergency and shown to private practitioner in case of priority. There’s visiting doctor & 24 hours nurse available on the campus.
  • Hostel and school has a power back-up (Generator of 62.5 KVA).Dear Parents, Please feel free to call 9418828018 in case of any emergency at any time.
    Gurpreet Mathur