Gurukul International School, Solan is a school with a difference. The school is from Pre-Nur. to 10+2. We have all the four streams in +1 & +2. The school is aesthetically built. The infrastructure of the school is child centered comprising of multimedia rooms, activity room, dance, music room, Computer, Maths, English & Science labs and Yoga/Meditation room.

Gurukul International School has completed nine successful years of imparting holistic education with a global perspective. The curriculum is age appropriate, focusing on the mental, social and psychological development of the child. Emphasis is laid on each child’s participation in the assimilation of knowledge. The non-threatening environment enhances the creativity and the confidence of the children.

The curriculum is a unique way waves inventive thinking, multiple intelligence and differentiated learning, keeping in mind the child’s unique abilities and talent in each field. The academic perspective and Gurukul International ensures that the learning is beyond text books and connects knowledge to the life situations and practical learning. The hands on learning approach entail visits, education trips and excursions for all the students supplement their learning and intelligence. Festivals & National events are celebrated keeping in view the rich-cultural traditions & values.

The school staff is highly efficient, experienced & friendly. that is why students form quick rapport with them and open up without any hesitation for the free flow of knowledge. I.T equipped classes, learning by doing activities develop & satisfy inquisitiveness in them. Warm atmosphere of the school in turn cultivates confidence, sincerity and natural leadership in students. School had visioned wholesome individuals who will befit society with their wit, wisdom and balanced personalities.